Thomas William Irvine
b. 2 February 1805 - d. ??
m. Juliana ??
b. ?? - d. ??

THOMAS WM. IRVINE, 2nd child and 1st son of Thomas Irvine and Tabitha Meridith Clark, was born in New York City 2nd Feb., 1805. Irvine T. Holloway was somewhat vague in his recollections of the Uncle. Perhaps to lessen family confusion he was known to the cousins as "Will". He grew up as a helper to his father in the farm work and a a young man departed for the city of his birth. Hard times must have overtaken him for some years later he returned to Mt. Vernon, OH. and farmed one of his brother Clark’s acreages. On 7th Feb., 1840 he acquired a wife in New York by the name of Juliana and had a daughter Mary - who was known to the cousins as Polly and lived with the family of her Uncle Clark.

Probably because of financial assistance rendered along over the years explains the bequest of $1.00 in the Will of his father. Demise date is unknown. Of his wife nothing has come to light.

MARY "POLLY" IRVINE, sole child of Thomas Wm. and Juliana above. Nicknamed ‘Polly’ by cousins and playmates. Lived with her Uncle Clark’s 3 sons and 4 daughters.