Sarah Meridith Irvine
b. 6/26/1816 - d. 4/3/1849 m. Joseph A. Kerr on 12/14/1840 (or 12/3/1841)

SARAH MERIDITH IRVINE, 7th child of Thomas and Tabitha was born 26th June, 1816 – on the farm 4 miles SE of Mt. Vernon. From Irvine Thompson Holloway came the story that Sarah was married to Joseph A. Kerr, of Mt. Vernon, in a double ceremony with her brother and Magdalena Thompson. That she was married 14th Dec., 1840 is attested by the Knox County Marriage Record – but the name is spelled Joe Carr. Inscription on Sarah’s tombstone has it "Wife of J. A. Kerr". Issue – a son. Sister Angelina records the m. as 12/3/41. Sarah d. 4/3/49. Joseph Kerr, born, records Angelina, "Sept. the 27th, 1849".(?)

A family of a bit of gossip – unearthed by Dr. Elizabeth Reed from descendents of Dr. Robert Irvine (of Sharon) – relates that in many ways Joseph was a hard man to live with and severely mistreated Sarah. On an occasion when Sarah’s parents were present some occurrence roused Joseph’s ire. As he began to berate Sarah, "Old Tom" took him severely to task – "told him off" in no uncertain terms – finishing by grabbing hold of Joseph "and shook him like a rat".