Jane Irvine
b. 7 March 1799 - d. ??
m. Henry Cannon 25 March 1824
b. ?? - d. ??

JANE IRVINE, the 1st of 9 children to reach maturity from the union of Thomas Irvine and Tabitha Meridith Clark, was born in Stone Valley, Huntington Co., Penn. on 7th March,1799. Of Jane was know merely that she was a 12 year old by the time her parents were done with wandering thru the then sparsely settled hilly Pennsylvania country and to Mt. Vernon, Ohio by 1811. Circa 1824 Jane was married to Henry Cannon of Licking Co., Ohio, and bore him a daughter and 2 sons:-


Tabitha Marie Cannon

Thomas Cannon

Harry Cannon

(Marriage registration is 25th March, 1824, and the name is spelled Canon)

TABITHA MARIE CANNON, 1st child above, was born circa 1825-6 in Mt. Vernon. From subsequent developments it is assumed Tabitha Marie obtained a public school education with special attention being given to her musical proclivities.

Marriage in the early 1850’s to an Ireland born second cousin, John Irvine, was not to be followed by smooth sailing. Risking the boredom of repetition (see page 35) - this John was the 1st child of Tabitha Marie’s Great Aunt Martha (Irvine) Thompson’s last child Anne Thompson (page 34) who had married to a Henry Irvine - which pair it was said by Irvine T. Holloway were the last of the Irvines to occupy Irvine Castle (which same would seem adequately disproven thru the published ownership of the Estate into the 20th century). But this Henry Irvine was a 2nd generation cousin to the wife (Elizabeth Dunlap) whom her older brother had married - by way of the two having had grand-parents who were brother and sister. And this Henry was he whom Irvine T. Holloway recited was ‘sporty and a spendthrift’. Undoubtedly home life in Ireland was troublesome for Anne’s sons John and Henry were allowed or sent to America - John to live with his 1840 married cousin Magdalena Thompson-Robert Irvine household - Henry to live with his Uncle Irvine Thompson-Elizabeth Dunlap household. Just when the boys arrived in America is unknown but undoubtedly it followed the 1840 marriage but prior to the 1850 Knox Co. Census, which lists them as 20 and 14 years old and in the respective households. (And shortly thereafter John’s mother Anne and two other children departed from their father Henry and arrived in Mt. Vernon.)

Now Cousin Robert Irvine owned a going grocery and fur trading business where Tabitha Marie’s husband worked and learned the business. Eventually her husband had a similar business of his own - handling liquors as a side line. Raised as she had been in strict accord with Episcopalian principles this latter angle did not suit Tabitha Marie - and disagreeableness ensued. But it seems John had a legitimate reason for complaints of his own - for Tabitha Marie took pride in her heritage of small or dainty hands and feet from her Grandmother Irvine, and like her was much averse to housekeeping. Her time seems to have been spent in reading and piano playing - much to the annoyance of husband John. There was a difference the - Grandpa Irvine had the where-with-all to hire servants and John did not (maybe ‘Old Tom’ had justification to "beat his wife regularly" as written by Lizzie Rowe). The day was to come when John signed over the home and business to Tabitha Marie and took off for the west, Salt Lake it is reported. (One source - Denver). One report says son Wm. Henry went along, another that he joined his father years later - after his troubles in Kansas City (pg. 35). Both informants are agreed that John later re-married and lived out his span in Colorado.

Tabitha Marie did not re-marry. She became a music teacher in Mt. Vernon schools in piano and organ music.



1st son of the preceding Florence Belle Irvine and Lewis F. West was born in Canton, Ohio, 8 Feb. 1892. Studied Law at Ohio State University, Columbus. For years has been Attorney in the Ohio Tax Dept. Married Mae L. Strome, residing at 4890 Elks Dr., Columbus.

Issue: -

  • Dorothy Mae West, b. circa 1925 in Columbus., m. Gerald Wood. Resides Upper Arlington, a suburb of Columbus.

    • Jeff Wood

    • Joy Wood


2nd son of Florence Belle Irvine and Lewis F. West, was born in Mt. Vernon 17 Nov., 1897. In 1911 accompanied his parents to Columbus. Attended Columbus High School, then graduated from Ohio State Univ. with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Electrical Engineering degree in 1921. Was employed in electrical designing and management for 2 years in Ft. Worth, Texas, the same for 2 years in New York after his 2 years of engineering work in Rio de Janeiro. During the Great Depression following the 1929 financial crisis Kenneth returned to Ohio State to acquire Educational credits to tech mathematics. Taught in Columbus schools until 1934 when he returned to Mt. Vernon to teach. In 1938 received his Masters Degree in Education from Ohio State Univ. 1940-53 was principal of Mt. Vernon High School. Hobby is tracing the history of sundials.

In Gay Street Methodist Church on 21 June 1940 Kenneth was married to Edith Pauline Babbs (b. 21 June, 1907). Edith was a graduate in music from the Ohio State Univ. at Athens, Ohio, and taught music in the Mt. Vernon School system.

Residence: - 920 East High St., Mt. Vernon.


  • Carol Lynne West

  • Betsy Babbs West

THOMAS CANNON, 2nd child and 1st son of Henry Cannon and Jane Irvine was born in or near Mt. Vernon circa 1827-8. As a young man he was known by Irvine T. Holloway to have worked on a farm owned he thought by his Uncle (Lawyer) Clark Irvine. Was thought to have married having one son.

  • Charles Hammond Cannon, b. near Mt. Vernon, was known to I.T.H. as owner of a cattle ranch near Fresno, Calif. His wire’s name is unknown but a son and daughter issued .

    • Louis Richard Cannon, son of above was born near Fresno in 1894. Known to I.T.H. as one who "developed muscles", attended Wooster College where he established quite a reputation as a football player. Other information wanting.

    • Ethel Cannon, daughter of Chas. Hammond Cannon, b. near Fresno circa 1895.

JOHN CANNON, 3rd child and 2nd son to Henry Cannon and Jane Irvine, was born near Mt. Vernon circa 1833-1835. Married Polly Davis - issue:- (Mar. Cert. date is 3/15/1838)

  • Harry Cannon, son of above, born near Mt. Vernon. Was known by I.T.H. to have farmed near Big Prairie, Ohio. Information wanting.

  • Florence Cannon, daughter of above. No information.