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  1. Louis Clarke Irvine-Date unknown-"Father Irvine"
  2. Louis Clarke Irvine-1905
  3. Louis Clarke Irvine-1896
  4. Louis Clarke Irvine-age 19
  5. Louis Clarke Irvine with grand children-Clarke Upham Irvine Jr. & Sarah Thornton Irvine
  6. Julia Richardson Upham-Date unknown-"Mother Irvine"
  7. Clarke Upham Irvine, age 5 -Adrian Irvine, age 3-Julia Richardson Irvine, age 4
  8. Julia Richardson Irvine-Clarke Upham Irvine
  9. Julia Richardson Irvine-age 1
  10. Julia Richardson Irvine-age 6
  11. Julia Richardson Irvine-age 7
  12. Julia Richardson Irvine-age 7
  13. Julia Richardson Upham Irvine "Mother Irvine" & Adrian Irvine in Montrose Alabama
  14. George Richardson Irvine Sr.-Date unknown
  15. George Richardson Irvine Sr.-Date unknown
  16. George Richardson Irvine Sr.-Date unknown
  17. l-r; Clarke Upham Irvine, Julia Richardson Irvine, George Richardson Irvine, Adrian Irvine
  18. Clarke Upham Irvine-age 7
  19. Clarke Upham Irvine-age 3
  20. Clarke Upham Irvine-1927
  21. Clarke Upham Irvine
  22. Adrian Irvine-Date unknown
  23. Adrian Irvine-age 4
  24. Charlotte Hopkins-Adrian's wife
  25. Thomas Clarke Irvine-Adrian's only Son
  26. Martha Nevin Bartlett Irvine age 63, born 1803-Wife of James Callender Irvine; Grand mother to L.C. Irvine, Clare Bartlett Irvine & Leigh Hadley Irvine I
  27. Martha Nevin Bartlett Irvine
  28. Thomas McNab Irvine--"Mac"--Son of Leigh Hadley Irvine I
  29. Leigh Hadley Irvine II--age 21--Son of Thomas McNab Irvine
  30. Leigh Hadley Irvine II--in 1906; age 2--Son of Thomas McNab Irvine