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It is a historical fact that James VI of Scotland became James I of England following the death of Queen Elizabeth. Also that this James I was known to have aided the Covenanter's of Scotland in their efforts to have the Presbyterian faith prescribed for all Scotland, England, and Ireland. More....

Irvings of Bonshaw 'By no means, with any yielding to the winds'





Irvine of Drum 'Flourishing under both sun and shade'

"There is no district in all of Ireland so rich in armorial bearings as the neighborhood of Lame. The churchyards of Carncastle, Glynn, and Raloo abound with them. The churchyard of Raloo is over-grown with long grass and weeds, so as to be almost inaccessible. But one may pull aside obstructions and remove lichens from the tall gray tombstones; trace the arms carved upon them, and read the names of the Craigs, McDowells, Crawfords, Boyds, and others."

"There is an old book, more than six hundred years old (I was told), that I found at Fair Hill, near Larne. It had belonged to successive sextons for hundreds of years, from the dates it contained, the last one being 1775, and giving a description of the flag adopted by the American Colonies. It is written in longhand, and has pen-pictures of the Coats of Arms of the Carlisles, Earls of Kilmarnock, McDowells, Irvines, Johnstons, Crawfords, and Blairs, and many others not connected with this history. In the beginning of the book this appears, written in a clerkly hand: "Nobilitatis virtus non stemma" - "Virtue, not pedigree, is the mark of nobility”
(From "The Irvines and Their Kin" by L. Boyd)

To The Reader: The following must not be construed as self-exploitation. After 84 years of life, 66 of which have been individualistic and independent, it can hardly be presumptuous to think that possible benefit might result from knowledge of the major events by the inheritors of my name even minus fame. Shortly after our bereavement, one of our sons requested that I set down many of the accounts he had heard, of my successful ventures, disasters and recoveries, as possible good medicine for their children or grandchildren who might be benefited by knowing about them. Hence, I commence this brief with episodes from the past. More on the Poetry and Pros written by Louis Clark Irvine.

Irvine Clansmen From Late 1600's to Present