William Neill Irvine
b. 1 November 1782 - d. 26 September 1854
1st m. Juliana Galbraith 27 July 1808
b. ? - d. ?
2nd m. Rachael Patton Tipton in 1816
b. 1799 - d. 1882

WILLIAM NEILL IRVINE, was known as Capt. Irvine or Irwin. He was trained as a lawyer and entered the US Army about 1803. As Colonel in the War of 1812, he raised a Regiment. He was acting Adjunct General of the state of Pennsylvania during 1812 and 1813. In the 1820's he moved from Carlisle to Gettysburg and then also lived in North Humberland County and Lycoming, County, PA. In the fall of 1841, he moved his family to Mercer in Mercer County, PA. They crossed the Allegheny mountains by wagon conveyance at Williamsburg, railroads not being general in general use as they are now. Their intended destination was the state of Michigan, but as cold weather set in earlier than usual, they thought it best to stop over during the winter at Mercer, and continue their journey in the spring. When spring came they changed their minds, and decided to stay where they were. In the last years of William's life he was a judge. (In some accounts his birthday is listed as Oct. 3, 1782)

William was married twice. First to Juliana Galbraith of Carlisle, the daughter of Major Andrew Galbraith. To this union two sons were born. His second wife, Rachel P. Tipton, was the mother of William Henry Irwin (Irvine), who began This Iowa connection.

B. Nov. 1, 1782, Carlisle PA.
D. Sept. 26, 1854, Harrisburg PA.
1st M. Juliana Galbraith
B. ??
D. ??
2 sons: Dr. Galbraith Andrew Irvine (1811- FEB 1867), was a medical doctor, had two or three daughters. He lived in Warren, PA.
William Callender Irvine (1820-1885), Clerk at Schuyikill Arsenal. Had at least 5 Children.
M. Anna Pettit Longstreth (1818-??)
2nd M. Rachel Patton Tipton
B. 1799
D. 1882
Richard M. Irwin (1/23/1813 - 1/19/1890)
m. Rebecka Alexander on 11/5/1846
Thomas T. Irwin (3/16/1824 - ??)
m. Elizabeth Alexander in 1851, Mercer, PA. She died in 1860.
m. Matilda Hood in 1873
Lewis, Clarence and Marshall (d. 3 years old)
William Henry Irwin
Robert Irwin
James P. Irwin
Jane (Jennie) Irwin
Sarah Irwin

(of the 12 Children in this family, 7 grew to maturity)

When this was written, I assume the author was talking about the 12 children total of William Neill Irvine; 2 with the first marriage, and possibly 10 with the second marriage.

From: "Irvine - The Iowa Connection, William Henry and Mary Waugh Irwin", Johnson Press, Rochester, MN, Copyright 1992.