Callender Irvine
Born: 24 January 1775 - Died: 9 October 1841
Married: Patience Elliot on 22 December 1801
Born: bet. 1771 - 1790 - Died: Unknown

CALLENDER IRVINE, son of William Irvine, Dr., Brigadier General of the American Revolutionary Army.

William and Anne Irvine had eleven children, of whom Callendar Irvine was the eldest. Callendar Irvine was born on January 24, 1775 near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He attended Dickinson College as a member of the class of 1794. After briefly reading law with Jared Ingersoll of Philadelphia, Callendar decided not to become a lawyer. Instead he spent a season traveling with his father as a surveyorís assistant, helping to lay out such western Pennsylvania towns as Warren.

In 1797 William Irvine granted a tract of western Pennsylvania land to his son. Callendar and a freed-slave named Tom started Brokenstraw Farm. Callendar Irvine then received a commission as captain of artillery in the United States Army in June of 1798. He spent his brief time in the army mainly at Carlisle while suffering from an illness. Callendar resigned from the army on May 20, 1801.

On December 22, 1801, Callendar Irvine married Patience Elliott and moved to Erie, Pennsylvania where Callendar had received a commission as an Indian agent to the Six Nations. While serving in Erie, Callendar also administered his fatherís reserve, granted to William Irvine for service during the Revolutionary War. Callendar then earned an additional post, becoming Surveyor of the Customs for the Port of Buffalo Creek (later Buffalo, New York). During this time, Callendarís only child, William Armstrong Irvine was born on September 28, 1803.

After his fatherís death in 1804, Callendar was appointed to succeed his father as Superintendent of the Military Stores of Philadelphia. Then during the War of 1812, Callendar Irvine was appointed Commissary General of the United States Army, a post he held until his death in 1841.

Issue: William Armstrong Irvine
Born: 28 September 1803 - Died: