Rebecca Armstrong deRosenthal Irvine
b. 23 October 1794 - d. 23 October 1879
m. Peter Simons Fayssoux in 1811
b. June 1793 - d. 4 June 1833

REBECCA (Rebekah) ARMSTRONG deROSENTHAL IRVINE, daughter of William Irvine, Dr., Brigadier General of the American Revolutionary Army. The "deRosenthal" in Rebekah's name was to honor a Russian nobleman who served under General Irvine in the Revolution un the alias of "Mr. Rose."

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PETER SIMONS FAYSSOUX is listed in the Naval Register for 1812 as "Peter Fayssoux, Jr." He resigned from the Navy and entered the Army sometime after his marriage. He was assistant Commissary of Issues from December 4, 1819 to May 17, 1821 when he was appointed Military Storekeeper, Quartermaster Dept., U.S.A., where he served until his death in 1833. He served at St. Louis, MO. when it was an outpost and trading post, but most of his military career was at the Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia, where he was in charge, and which place was "home" to his family for many, many years. When Capt. Peter Simons Fayssoux died in 1833, his eldest son, Edwards Smith Fayssoux, was appointed to fill his position, which position he held until his death in September 15, 1852, unmarried. After Edwards Smith Fayssoux's death, the family left the Arsenal.

Peter Simons Fayssoux's grave was removed many years ago from a Philadelphia burying ground to the Leiper Presbyterian Churchyard near Swarthmore, PA. His widow, Rebekah (Irvine) Fayssoux spent her last years with her daughters, Mrs. Thomas Sumter Mills and Mrs. Samuel J. Randell, in Chester, SC., where she is buried in Evergreen Cemetery.


Edwards Smith Fayssoux (b. 1812 - d. 1852), unmarried.

Armstrong Irvine Fayssoux, d. unmarried, age 19, Buena Vista, Mexican War

Ann Callender Fayssoux (b. 9/18/1815 - d. 2/12/1899)
m. Major James Pagan (b. 4/22/1809 - d. 11/25/1898)
married in Philadelphia, PA, August 24, 1843 at the Arsenal, PA.
issue: Annie Irvine Pagan (b. 3/28/1848 - d. 6/28/1890)
m. William Lee Davidson (b. 2/10/1825 - d. 8/13/1899)

Peter Fayssoux, Jr. (b. ?? - d. ??) without issue, New Orleans, LA.
m. Ann Rousseau (b. ?? - d. 1/1/1867)

Callender Irvine Fayssoux (b. 1820 - d. 1897)
m. Sarah A. McLellan
issue: 3 Children. Has living descendants but none with the name Fayssoux.

Clement Stevens Fayssoux (b. 1822 - d. 1864) Died in Confederate Army, Petersburg, VA

James Hunter Fayssoux (b. 1824 - d. 1887)
m. Jemima Dover in 1857
issue: 10 children and many living descendants in 1975.

Martha Foisin Fayssoux (b. 1826 - d. 1902)
m. Capt. Samuel J. Randell
No issue. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Chester, SC.

Mary Lewis Fayssoux (b. 1927-28 - d. 1901)
m. John Chew Leiper
Born and Married at the Arsenal.
issue: 7 children. Many living descendants.

Templar Shubrick Fayssoux (b. 1829 - d. 1868)
m. Melinda McFadden in 1852
issue: 1 daughter. Has 1 living unmarried descendant with whom line will die out.

Rebecca Lyon Fayssoux (b. 1830 - d. 1909)
m. Major Thomas Sumter Mills in 1851 at the Arsenal, PA.
No issue. Buried in Chester, SC.

John Irvine Fayssoux, d. age 2 of whooping cough at Arsenal, PA.

Name unknown; died in infancy.

Name unknown; died in infancy.