Anne Thompson
b. 1805 - d. ??
m. Henry Irvine
b. ?? - d. ??

ANNE THOMPSON, is included here because of her marriage to an Irvine, the children likewise – for they bear the Irvine name.

Anne, 3rd child to Martha Irvine and Mathew Thompson, born 1805 – perhaps on her parents farm 17 miles out of Enniskillen. By 1830 Anne had married – in Ireland – a Henry Irvine (said by to occupy the Castle Irvine). Henry was a one generation removed cousin to Elizabeth Dunlap, wife to Anne’s older brother Irvine. Henry’s grandfather and Elizabeth’s grandmother were brother and sister, of undiscovered relationship to the Thommas Irvine – Jane Sproule Line.

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Irvine T. Holloway further stated that this Henry was ‘sporty’ and a spendthrift. At any rate at an undiscovered date Anne left him and came with her 2 younger children to Mt. Vernon. In view of the 1850 Knox County Census data of the children being respectively 10 and 6 years of age, and Anne as 45, we know the arrival in America was between 1844 and 1850. An older son, John, b. 1830 – Henry, b. 1836, had emigrated at some date after the uncle Irvine Thompson came over in 1831 – probably post-dating the marriage of Uncle Irvine’s 1st daughter Magdalena to her American born cousin Robert Irvine – because John lived with Robt. Irvine household and Henry with the Irvine Thompson group.

The story of occupancy of Castle Irvine must be taken with much skepticism: 1st, a check and recheck of the estimable Sir Bernard Burke’s "Peerage" and "Landed Gentry of Ireland" fails during appropriate years to disclose a Henry Irvine; 2ndly, these same publications specifically list continuous direct from Sir Christopher descendents as succeeding to the Castle as recently as its possession by William D’Arcy Irvine, born 1823, and succeeding to the heritage 9 Jan., 1882 on the death of his unmarried nephew Henry Huntley D’Arcy Irvine, and lastly – the "brother-in-law" relationship of John of Camgart to Gerard Irvine of Greenhill was 3 generations back. Succession to the Castle by this Capt. Gerard would seem extremely remote – he left no issue as well as being the 5th son of a father (William of Bellindullah) whose 1st son had succeeded, and then it went to the son of his father’s 2nd son. The operative English Law of Primogeniture is followed throughout the line of descent. As noted (pg. 20) the Castle and Town were advertised for sale in 1944 – the recent owner having died and his widow preferring to live in Paris.

Of Anne’s subsequent life in Mt. Vernon little is known except she was loved and respected by her nieces and nephews. Interred in Mound View Cemetery.

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John, the 1st child of Anne Thompson and Henry Irvine, was born in Ireland in 1830. He married Tabitha Marie Cannon, a 2nd cousin, the daughter of Henry Cannon of Licking OH and Jane Irvine of Stone Valley, Hunington Co. PA. Jane Irvine was the 1st child of Thomas Irvine and Tabitha Meridith Clarke.


Henry Jr., the 2nd son of Anne Thompson and Henry Irvine, was born in Ireland 1836. Came to America and Mt. Vernon with his older brother John (pg. 35). Irvine T. Holloway relates the belief the passage of the two boys was paid by the Uncle Irvine Thompson, who had brought his wife and, 8 of his 9 children to Mt. Vernon in 1831. He is positive that Henry lived with his uncle – presumably "paid him back" in farm labor. Henry later is aid to have become and engineer. Of a marriage or children nothing has come to light.


3rd son of Anne Thompson and Henry Irvine, and brother to John and Henry above. Born in Ireland in 1940, came with his mother and younger sister to America at an unknown date but between 1844-50. Other information lacking.


4th and last child of Anne Thompson and Henry Irvine was born in Ireland and came with her mother and grand father, Mathew Thompson, who was married to Martha Irvine, to America and Mt. Vernon shortly after her birth in 1844. She made the Knox County Census of 1850. Married in Mt. Vernon to John D. Meyers.

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