Dr. Adrian Irvine
Born: 14 July 1897 - Died: August 1982
Married: Charlotte Hopkins 21 March 1923
Born: Unknown - Died: Unknown

ADRIAN, born in San Antonio, Texas, was the 3rd child and 2nd son of Julia Richardson Upham and Louis Clarke Irvine, arrived 14 July 1897 - 267 years and 9 generations after his adrian_irvine-01.jpg (68702 bytes)Irvine forebear docked in Philadelphia. Nothing was remembered of the town of his birth for the family had removed to St. Louis, Mo. a good 3 years in advance of the Louisiana Purchase Centennial of 1913. Childhood pictures of this Blue-eyed curly haired cherub, with skin of truly feminine texture, remain as proof that Dame Nature addled the ingredients. Events have proved that Beelzebub himself stirred the broth for he grew into all kinds of devilment. The 1st fight he recalls was against a little Jewish pal over which would return a lost red coat to a little Gypsy girl named Benjamin Jinappello; chased from the hotel pool room for gouging a table cover he squared matters by smearing windows with muddy snow slush; accoutered the gang with air rifles with a swiped $5 bill; perpetrated mayhem to a neighbors fancy coach on a dare; played ‘hooky’ from Eugene Field School with Langley Smith and his healthy weekly allowance and marveled at ‘gettin by’ with self-written excuse notes; freight train hopping’ gained battles with ice chipped from the Gypsy lagoon; smoking coffee in his grandfather’s pipe - all of which were paid for at the expense of the seat of his pants.

A multiplicity of schools saw him graduating in 1914 from Barton Academy, as President of his Class at 16. A ‘physical culture "nut"’ since Athletic Director Miller at University Military School made him stand against a fence - on his head - to cure a ‘juke neck’ posture resulting from marching with a old Krag riffle longer than he was tall; football, baseball, track enthusiast. Vocational bent so dormant his father sent him to Kellogg’s Battle Creek School of Physical Education hoping the same Prof. Miller might make a Physical Director of him. A 3 month term convinced him that most physical directors were burnt out and looking for jobs by mid-life. Digging stumps and clearing land for a year convinced him that sun-up to sun-down toil in loneliness excluded too much of Life - and by then craved more football.

Matriculated as Pre-Med. at Univ. of Ala. - for after 2 years he could enter Mobile Medical School and live at home. Injuries (sprained ankle, water on the knee, shoulder ligament tears, fractured collar bone, 2 concussions) terminated ambitions to join the Football Immortals, but recovered in time to excel in track and capture the boxing crown.

The sincere thoroughness of Dr. John Y. Graham (discoverer of the life-cycle of the ‘pork worm’ trachina spiralis) convinced him that even a full Bachelor of Science degree was inadequate preparation for a true practitioner of medicine so the library was substituted for the athletic field and earned him the yearbook editor’s commendations as "The most widely read man in School".

Buckling down, a B.S. Degree was earned in 3 years, Pres. of Class of ‘18, entered Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. because it then and does now offer the hopeful more hours of practical application of his learning's under a greater proportion of full time Professors than any such institution in the country. Graduated 1922, and was a licensed physician at 24. Rotating internship was at St. Luke’s Hospital, Cleveland, then had a year as Medical Resident.

Fraternal affiliations - high school, Delta Sigma; college, Alpha Tau Omega; medicine, Phi Rho Sigma.

While a student had met a saucy brunette from Muncie, Ind. - Charlotte Hopkins - courted for a year and a half, and since she had a good job as head sales-lady and buyer of children's books he married her for her money on 21 March, 1923, while yet an intern on 25 bucks a month. Unitarian Church, Cleveland, Rev. Mr. Lupton officiating. A whole weeks honeymooning at an apartment on 107th St. opposite Wade Park Museum.

Equipped and opened an office at Cedar and Lee, Cleveland Mts., on borrowed money and with yet a 2 months of residency, and by 1926 semi-starvation promoted a move to 8314 Euclid Ave., to understudy Dr. George H. Reeve in Psychiatry at St. Luke’s Hospital. After 6 months Dr. Reeve departed for Vienna to be psycho-analyzed by the famous Dr. Otto Rank. Returning in 3 mos. he transferred to Mt. Sinai Hospital. in an appointment with trained assistance - doing what he consider a ‘good turn’ for Adrian’s benefit. The 3 mos. had convinced him that his preparation was totally inadequate to the responsibilities of the active and growing Dept, felt himself in the position of one who ‘has bitten off more than he chew’ - offered his resignation. Two years lapsed - of golden experiences - but with steadily mounting feeling of being in over his head, that so much time was required to earn a living he was slighting the acquisition of adequate knowledge so necessary to probe the conglomerate motivations that underlay human reaction to circumstance - relief was sought by a move to Hubbard, Ohio, in July 1931, a suburban town of 4500 population, to practice what he had prepared for - ‘the acute and chronic diseases of men, women, and children’. Here a clientele grew rapidly, despite the Depression; the fomenting anxieties of inadequacies was submerged. Used his psychiatric lore to good advantage unknown to his clientele - obstetrics was a night-time divided on, averaging some 50 babies yearly, principally when Charlotte had scheduled his attendance at social events. Local screening examiner during World War II.

Locally and surreptitiously became known as ‘the shot doctor’ from phenomenal success in ministering to all manner of infections through intro-venous injections of I-500 Hydrochloric acid - to stimulate the scavenger activity of leukocytes. ‘49 to ‘53 was plant physician for Sherwin-Williams Can Division, having dubious pleasure of granting work chits to many of his ‘on the cuff’ babes born during the Great Depression.

1946 saw the 1st of 5 long gypsy-like trailer treks - 25 months in al to comb 46 of the then 48 states - ostensibly to see the natural wonders of the country but really to locate a retirement area. The realization had dawned that he either should go back to school and was an old or disinclined  or disenchanted by working around the clock for 8 months to supply the where-with-all that politicians were using to fill more and more rat-holes. By 1952 a comfortable and likely retirement community was found in Corona Del Mar, California. The Hubbard home was sold in Jan. ‘53 and on 25th Feb. - with a 4x8 ft. trailer neatly packed with 2650 lbs. of worldly good - the start was made to the Golden West that had so infatuated Charlotte during her 1918-19 visit.

During the 22 year stay in Hubbard participation in Community affairs had been 4 years on the Board of Education, Pres. in 1944, and Kiwanian Pres. in 1947 - accomplishing a much needed coordination among the 66 service clubs there.

The next 3 years were passed in do-it-yourself alterations - kitchen enlargement, from foundation to cabinet making, plumbing, wiring, then redecorating throughout - flunking only as a paper hanger. The slopping front yard was walled and filled and planted planted planted.

New friendships formed a pace, vacationing Ohioans dropped in , cruised to Hawaii in ‘56 with Abe and Vida Brill, now living in Gainesville, Fla., and went sightseeing all over the State. Charlotte continued to cement social affiliations and Adrian found infatuation in Bowling-on-the-Green. Joined clubs in Newport, Santa Ana, and Laguna in order to bowl every day, director 4 years at S.A. and Pres. in ‘61. Served 3 years on Southern Calif. Assoc. Games Committee, V.P. in ‘62 and became Pres. in ‘63 and ‘64. And, so far, his teams have earned 5 trophies.

After 13 years of contentment at 2212 Water Front St. a move was made to Laguna Hills, to a retirement community promoted by the Golden Rain Foundation. By May ‘65, after months of refinishing furniture and making new pieces (to use up scraps of Ala. mahogany and cherry harbored 30 odd years), a manor at 273-B, Avenida Sevilla became home. A "Leisure World"? Rather did making matching cabinets shelving, magazine rack, and a credenza (antiqued a soft avocado green - to house T.V. and encyclopedia browns, 3 shelves above for pre-algebraic) as well as sorting out which of a weekly page full of hobby activities to take up, imply "Rejuvenation World".

Issue :-

Thomas Clarke Irvine, b. Cleveland, Ohio, 3 Oct., 1925; d. Dallas 14 Jan. 1962
m. Nancy Agnes Barnett 26 Oct., 1946: b. Petroleum, Pa., daughter. of Harry Franklin Barnett and Verlion Elizabeth Thomas on 9 July, 1926.

Raymond Franklin Irvine, b. Dallas, 11 Nov., 1954.