Clarke Upham Irvine
16 April 1894 - 14 August 1988
Married Sallie Blocker Thornton
7 Feb 1928 - 25 Jun 2004
Born 4 Feb 1905 - 2004

CLARKE UPHAM IRVINE, 1st son of above union was born 16th April, 1894, in Washington, D.C. His father’s moves to New York, San Antonio and then to St. Louis by 1900 means his schooling started there, and in the Eugene Field Public School. During the terminal illness of a younger sister the family was in Mobile, then back to St. Louis - the hotel business being sold in 1905-6 saw the family spending the winter in Santa Monica, Calif. From the spring of 1907 the family was to be permanently in Mobile where Clarke attended University Military School for 3 years - quitting to take a job as helper in a garage. In short order he was a taxi driver for his uncle’s one car service then joined a surveying crew - finding this sufficiently intriguing to initiate a move to catch up on his missed schooling and with some tutor help he passed and entrance examination to Alabama Polytechnic School - graduating in 1915.

(Further knowledge of Clarke’s activities is far too vague to be reliable - and over a 20-odd year stretch he had been averse to contributing to this effort, despite an unknown number of reminders, that what follows is mere generalities. He spent several years at surveying; was Right or Way Engineer for the old M. & O. Railroad; with a partner operated a gravel pit somewhere in central Mississippi; after some unknown incident the partnership was disrupted; the Country had entered World War I and he tried to enlist in the Eng. Corps but color confusions prevented; became a draftsman for M. & O. until the War’s end then did general engineering of construction supervisory work for the developing Ala. State Docks. Shortly after the Docks became functional and for several years he was Maintenance Engineer - and for some 15 years before retirement he held the position of General Manager Retired 1964 - 70 years of age. In 1928 Clarke was married to Sallie Blocker-Thornton (b. 4th Feb., 1905, dau. of Judge John Blocker-Thornton of Mobile.) A commodious French type home was built at 57 Williams Court and has continued to be their home.)

Issue :-

Sarah Thornton Irvine, b. May 8, 1935 - d. May 3, 2001;
m. Roderick Bryan Slater  b. September 28, 1929, d. ?
m. 11th Nov., 1961 in Christ’s Episcopal Church
div. unknown

Issue - 2 children.

Clarke Upham Irvine, Jr., b. June 8, 1939; 
m. Robbie Lynne Dunn, b. December 30, 1944 (dau. of Otis Sylvester Dunn of Mobile)
m. May 6, 1966, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Mobile, AL
Issue - 3 Children