Leigh Hadley Irvine II
Born: Unknown - Died: Unknown
Married: Vivienne Waldorus Peters
Born: Unknown - Died: Unknown

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LEIGH HADLEY IRVINE II, married Vivienne Waldorus Peters of Los Angeles. The little that is known is from his father. Of Viviend, nothing. Association and attitudes between son and father are to be found in Mac’s recital (pg. 79) - a distinctly unhealthy relationship. Concerned with unraveling the basis of Mac’s falling health little heed was given to rather rambling recitals of the specifics of Leigh’s career. Mention was made of his World War II service - with his having returned to civilian life recounting activities of hero proportions - which Mac discounted as pure fabrication - conceived to belittle his father’s non-participation in World War I and his many failures.

Leigh and Viviend live (1949) at 4838 Katherine St., Sherman Oaks, Calif.


Picture: Leigh Hadley Irvine II - age 21

Issue :- Anthony Leigh Irvine 1944 -- Gary Steven Irvine 1950