Julia Clarke Irvine
b. 2/21/1939 in Mobile AL
m. Edward Leatherbury Brinson, Sr.
b. 9/9/1936
m. 2/1/1964 in Mobile AL

JULIA, or as everyone knows her, Julie (pronounced "Ju-lee"), born in Mobile, Alabama, 21st February, 1939, the 3rd child of George Richardson Irvine and Lucille Starke. Julie was a graduate of Bishop Toolen, Mobile, AL. in 1957. She then attended the University of Alabama from 1957 to 1960. She married Edward Leatherbury Brinson on February 1, 1966 in Mobile, Alabama. Edward is a 1959 graduate of Auburn University, Auburn, AL with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. Edward also attended the University of Alabama where he graduated with a Masters of Economics degree. They reside in Fairhope Alabama after living many years in Atlanta GA.

  • Julia Starke Irvine a.k.a. Julie; Pronounced "Ju-lee"

    • Graduate of Bishop Toolen, Mobile, AL 1957
    • Attended U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 1957-1960

Issue :-

Edward Leatherbury Brinson Jr., b. September 8, 1964 in Atlanta, GA;
m. Martha Elizabeth Fuchs, b. May 24, 1966 in New Orleans, LA
m. October 27, 1990
issue: 2 children

Jared Irvine Brinson, b. July 7, 1967 in Atlanta, GA;
m. Heather Noel Frew, b. December 29, 1972 in Atlanta, GA
m. April 27, 2002
issue: 2 children

Lucille Starke Brinson, b. February 8, 1975 in Atlanta, GA;
m. Jay Watkins, b. ??
m. August, 2002
issue: 1 child